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Resources for Aspiring Authors

4 Feb

SCBWI Writer Kindness QuoteEver since I published my children’s book, would-be writers have been coming out of the woodwork asking for advice. And I couldn’t be happier to help. I want to see more dreams take flight!

That’s why I’ve created a new Writing & Publishing page under “The Archive” section (to the right, up top), to share resources for aspiring authors. Here you’ll find a long list of tips and ideas I’ve accumulated over the course of my publishing adventures. As I encounter more, I’ll keep adding to it, too.

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Giving Thanks

21 Nov

ThanksgivingOur lives, in both good and bad times, are very much a product of the influential people who surround us.

Today I’m acknowledging 10 such people in my life. (You might even be surprised by the last one.) I encourage you to do so, too, whether it’s by phone, handwritten letter, e-mail, or even a simple text. You’d be amazed how good it feels.

Life is too short not to appreciate the engineers who affect our ordinary existence, making it something rather extraordinary.

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Recognize a Mentor

21 Dec

Hylland Holiday Photo 2011This year my husband and I are gearing up for our first Christmas in our own home in 18 years! Ever since we went to college, we’ve been going to other people’s homes and participating in other people’s traditions. Now all of the sudden we have to figure out what we want to do and what memories we want to create for our daughter.

That’s why I was so happy and touched to come across this article by my friend Kerry Colburn. She stresses the importance of actively choosing traditions that are meaningful for you and your family, rather than going through the motions of Christmases past.

As a result, we’re focusing on some best-of traditions from both sides of our family: Drury rosettes,  Taylor “hour gifts” (one gift per hour instead of a frantic hurricane), LaGow Tom and Jerrys, and our own new creation, a special Sue gift for Szaba. (This year we’ll give her a hardcover copy of Frog and Toad All Year in honor of our new holiday theater day tradition.)

Kerry’s article got me thinking … This wasn’t the first time I’d stumbled upon a Kerry endeavor that helped give me clarity and peace.

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