Giving Thanks

ThanksgivingOur lives, in both good and bad times, are very much a product of the influential people who surround us.

Today I’m acknowledging 10 such people in my life. (You might even be surprised by the last one.) I encourage you to do so, too, whether it’s by phone, handwritten letter, e-mail, or even a simple text. You’d be amazed how good it feels.

Life is too short not to appreciate the engineers who affect our ordinary existence, making it something rather extraordinary.

Giving Thanks
10 People I’m Especially Thankful for This Year

  1. Szaba: For being my double rainbow, my cuddle buddy, my new perspective, my reason to dance, and my biggest fan. I’m your biggest fan, too, and I promise I always will be.
  2. Ryan: For supporting my creative endeavors, giving me perspective, and understanding me better than anyone else, flaws and all.
  3. Shanon: For being my partner on the journey of motherhood and listening, which in itself is monumental.
  4. Dede: For being a superwoman, cheering me on, and making me laugh until I cry, every time.
  5. Shirley: For being the grandma I always wanted and teaching me I can be caring and honest, strong and fragile, brazen and beautiful.
  6. Sue: For overfilling my soul with love, inspiration, joy, and memories. For making me a better person through your example.
  7. Margo: I’ve always admired your courage, vivacity, and beauty of the soul. This year, even more so. You’re incredible.
  8. Amber: For being my friend the longest—always true, hopeful, and accepting.
  9. Geraldine: For being there with an inspiring post, tips over coffee, or a much-needed pat on the back. I’m so thankful for you and that (healthy!) brain of yours.
  10. You: For reading and following my journey of parenthood, writing, and grief. I wouldn’t be here documenting this journey without you, and I’m so very glad I am.

For you …

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