One Night in Bangkok

For our honeymoon—well, technically our second one, but that’s another story—Ryan and I went to Thailand. It was a completely foreign experience outside of either of our comfort zones, and yet it remains one of our most memorable travel experience to this day. I’d even say it was one of our favorites because of that. … More One Night in Bangkok

Just Do It

Struggling with something you wanted to do this year or would like to achieve in the next? Why not make it a holiday present to yourself to get it done? In the words of Nike, “Just do it.” Or to continue my philosophy from stop-motion holiday classics: Put one foot in front of the other.

Carpe Diem

Four years ago, our college friend Fu-Min invited us to his wedding in Singapore. It would be in December. Holiday mania would be in full swing. There probably wasn’t a busier, more stressful time to be traipsing off to the far corners of the earth. That’s why it couldn’t have been a better time. We came … More Carpe Diem