The Real Enemy: Breast Cancer

I was inspired to start this whole blog after my mother-in-law and dear friend, Sue, died from breast cancer a year ago. Sue was integrally involved with the 3 Day Walk for the Cure as a fund-raiser, speaker, crew member, and walker. (Once she even walked 60 miles on chemo for the cause.) Given Sue’s close ties … More The Real Enemy: Breast Cancer

3 Day

When Sue told me about her involvement in the 3 Day years ago, I was proud of her, but I didn’t truly “get it.” Now I do. After attending the Twin Cities 3 Day and cheering on its walkers every day, it was almost as if Sue’s soul was there, cheering along beside me, and … More 3 Day


Tomorrow Sue’s son (my husband), her step-daughters, and her best friends will follow Sue’s footprints. They are walking in the Twin Cities 60-mile 3 Day for the Cure. In doing so, they not only honor her memory, but they have also brought us $18,000 closer to fighting Sue’s killer, breast cancer. Sue was a 9-year … More Footprints