3 Day

29 Aug

When Sue told me about her involvement in the 3 Day years ago, I was proud of her, but I didn’t truly “get it.”

Now I do.

After attending the Twin Cities 3 Day and cheering on its walkers every day, it was almost as if Sue’s soul was there, cheering along beside me, and saying, “Now do you see?”

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That first day of the walk, I held Szaba, standing alongside a wooded path, accompanied by Sue’s 91-year-old mother and adoring coworkers. In the distance, rounding the bend, they walked toward me. Each one was shouldering this considerable challenge (not just the 60-mile walk, but the necessary fundraising as well) in honor of a heartbreak. There aren’t words to convey the emotion of that realization.

The love, the loss, the untold stories hung in the air like balloons tethered to every walker and every spectator.

The following days overflowed with moments like this, culminating in the closing ceremony. The cancer-surviving walkers were invited to ascend a platform in the middle of the crowd. There they held hands and raised their arms high, standing in triumph over their disease. Through a window back in time, I saw Sue, standing on that platform after her own walk, hand in hand while thousands cheered for her. Sue had brought me, Ryan, her mother, her step-daughters, her granddaughter, and her friends here to experience this moment with her.

Here are some pictures from the event. Perhaps they will inspire you to make a difference in your own special way, whether it’s donating, walking, crewing, cheering, taking a friend to their chemo appointment, calling, or dropping an understanding note in the mail.

What will you do today to support someone who needs it?

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