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Las Vegas!

31 Jan

In honor of my impromptu happy-birthday trip for my friend Dede, here are a few of my personal Las Vegas favorites. Viva!

Vegas Skyline Night

Vegas Tips & Recommendations


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Do It Now

18 Jan
We've been friends a looong time.

We’ve been friends a looong time. 

“Forever is composed of nows.” ~Emily Dickinson

It began with to-do list musings over the beat of my scrubbing toothbrush. “Birthday … Dede … present … ” My dearest friend triumphed over a lot in the past year: a big move, a big promotion, and a scary MS diagnosis—all while juggling the duties of mom and wife.

So what do you get someone for all of that? Flowers? Jewelry? Omaha Steaks?

None of that conveyed what I wanted to say: “I thank the world every day that you’re in it. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.”

Yeah, definitely not steaks.

Then I got to thinking … The last time Dede and I had one-on-one time was when we were kids. With our own kids now as well as our own jobs, homes (cities even), and obligations, there’s simply never time for it. Sure, we occasionally get together with our families in tow at the holidays, but it’s never just us, laughing, being silly, and being those girls from a childhood far, far away.

So why not make time for it? Why not go somewhere … somewhere we could play and have nothing to do but have fun.

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