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Top 3: Blogs for Moms

29 Oct

Top ThreeWelcome to my new “Top 3” feature.

Today, I’m highlighting three of my favorite fun (and helpful) blogs for moms.

In the future I’ll cover books, video games, board games, TED Talks, crafts, and whatever else suits my (and your) fancy.

So let me know what you’d like to see!

Please note that I have not been approached by any of these sites, nor have I received compensation. I genuinely like them.

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Why I Want My Daughter to Be a Gamer

17 Sep
Dr. Suess

Just another day of work at Cranium.

For many of you, your knee-jerk reaction will be to disagree with that statement. To you, I say, “Let’s look at some facts first, shall we?” I’ll even go so far as to propose that you may change your tune after reading this (if you don’t support games already).

Let me back up a bit …

Professionally, I used to work at Cranium, and I still freelance as a games writer. Personally, I just love games. Both kinds: video and board. So does my husband. He’s a 12-year vet of the video game industry with an affinity for board games akin to Cookie Monster and cookies.

All of those reasons recently led me to PAX Prime, a big Seattle convention for people who make and enjoy games.

I was surprised to hear three themes keep coming up at PAX, and I’m happy to report they all bode well for families who game.

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Publishing: Choose Your Own Adventure

11 Jun

“May Days.” Age: 10. Don’t laugh. It won first place at the Ohio State Fair.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Mine is the one in which I’m a children’s book author.

When I was little, I imagined it as: unknown girl is destined, acts, triumphs, and lives happily ever after. Maybe even throw in a TODAY show appearance.

But that flight of fancy didn’t take into account the state of the world when it came time for me to act on this presumed “destiny.” Back then we didn’t even have <gasp!> the Internet. Swoon and wail as appropriate …

Technology is kaleidoscoping my publishing fairy tale into a nail-biting choose-your-own adventure. (Yes, they still make them. Might I recommend Your Grandparents Are Zombies?)

In addition to the traditional method of printing a book through a publisher, there are these newly scythed paths:

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