Top 3: Blogs for Moms

Top ThreeWelcome to my new “Top 3” feature.

Today, I’m highlighting three of my favorite fun (and helpful) blogs for moms.

In the future I’ll cover books, video games, board games, TED Talks, crafts, and whatever else suits my (and your) fancy.

So let me know what you’d like to see!

Please note that I have not been approached by any of these sites, nor have I received compensation. I genuinely like them.


Twitter: igamemom

This helpful lady finds and reviews apps and games for kids, featuring products that are both educational and fun. She often posts app freebies and giveaways, too. Last week she featured this felt board app, and Szaba (and I) can’t get enough it.

Twitter: grosgrainfab

What mom doesn’t need a little pampering from time to time? With Kathleen’s budget-friendly DIY ideas, you can have the treat without the guilt. I loved this collared t-shirt idea for me and this personal blocks gift idea for Szaba. Oh, and did I mention “Vintage Day” giveaways?

Walking on Travels
Twitter:ย walkingontravel

Daydream about (or heck, plan for) international adventures with your little ones. This mom does it all with a baby and three year old in tow. It can be done! Follow her travels and get tips on what to pack, kids and jet lag,ย potty training on the road,ย and more.

What are your favorite mom sites? Please share!

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