New Perspective

I’ve decided what my 30-day challenge is going to be.

It morphed out of a friend’s Facebook post about 30 Characters 30 Days. That in turn, oddly enough, got me thinking about some self-exploratory art exercises I enjoyed in my favorite pregnancy book, Birthing from Within.

It’s an odd combo, for sure, but inspiration is like that. You just go along for the ride.

So for the 30 days of November, I’m going to carve out a little time every day for some free-association sketching, say over coffee or a glass of wine. I figure, why not give Id and Ego some colored pencils and see what they have to say?

This dovetails nicely with #6 on My List to Sue: “I will make time for more art in my life.”

Sue was always urging me to spend more time getting to know my inner artist. She said she saw a certain spark in me that she admired in her friend Barb, an accomplished painter. Sue was magical like that. She saw her friends and family through a rose-tinted filter of promise. Whether what she saw was true or not, the fact that she thought it—and was so sure about it—made you want to take that leap with her.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more of us could do that for each other? Who knows what we could accomplish …

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7 thoughts on “New Perspective

  1. How divine that I should plug into your site today. Thank you for the complement. Sue was certainly a great inspiration in my life – my painting and my living. Thank you for carrying on her legacy and passion for life. Best wishes for you month of creativity. You are incredibly talented and I can hardly wait to see what you will accomplish.

  2. I read this last night in a book I am reading and thought about Sue and how it applied to her.
    “I see that it (one’s life) isn’t just about what a person does in her life – some resume or list of incredible achievements – or even about whether a person gets to live in some perfect way that they’d always dreamed of. It’s about whether or not you chose to put yourself out there so that other people could join you. Whether you were generous with yourself.”

    Sue was certainly generous with herself and I am thankful and grateful for that. She had so much to give and we were lucky to have been able to take from her gifts to us. She was in this world – and we were all so lucky to be there with her.

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