The Essential Friend

Never underestimate the importance of a good friend.

Thanksgiving 2010, I got the call that Ryan and I had to fly back to Minnesota. Immediately.

I was taking care of my 3 month old, unpacking from our Thanksgiving trip two days earlier, and putting up the Christmas tree. Ryan was still at work, returning home shortly.

Would we be able to make it time? How could I physically and emotionally do this? Now? Later? Then … ?

Shanon came right over. I must have called her, or was she already there when I got the call? All I know is that she appeared, like a fairy godmother in a children’s story.

I remember her playing with the babies on the floor of the living room, Christmas tree debris piled high on every surface. She kept Szaba safe and content there in the eye of the storm. SheΒ kept me calm and focused as I tracked down one-way flights, arranged for a dog sitter, booked a rental car, and packed for an indefinite trip a mere one hour in the future.

She kept me right side up in a world that had just spun upside down.

Never in my life had I needed someone more than that moment, and you were there, Shanon. Thank you.

Here’s to all the amazing friends out there who’ve known just what we needed when we needed it most.


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