Robin’s Sue-venir

Today’s guest post comes from my sister Robin. She wanted to share with you a valuable life lesson she learned from Sue and how she incorporates that lesson in her everyday life.

It’s always so amazing to me that people even out in the periphery of Sue’s life were “changed for good” by what she did and said.

It makes me wonder what messages I’m sowing in the world. What about you? What do you want people to take as a souvenir of having known you?

From Robin:

I didn’t know Sue well personally, but I could see the footprints of her life vividly through the people I knew who were close to her.

I only had the opportunity to speak with Sue on a few occasions, and even though she didn’t know me well, it was as if she had this special gift where she instinctively knew what was on your mind when she talked with you. She was so “in the moment.” It was like she could turn off all distractions and see things that other people would miss.

Even though I didn’t know her well, I still keep a reminder of her on my refrigerator at home, so that I can look at it daily and remember to try to be like that myself. I’ve kept that reminder there through two moves and three refrigerators!

The journey you are on has the potential to help so many, Angela. Keep writing and keep sharing. Sue still has so much to teach.

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