I’m not going to lie. The one-year anniversary of Sue’s death has wrung my soul out to dry. I’ve watched the clock, wandering through those last hours like the abandoned sets of a movie. I’ve wished. I’ve wondered. I’ve cried.

But I know that Sue wouldn’t want me or any of us to spend our time mourning. She was all about living, and that’s what she’d want us to do.

So, in honor of Sue or whomever it is you’re missing today, let’s commit to doing 10 things in their honor.

All I ask is that, whatever you do, make it fun. Make it joyful. Make it Sue.

“10 Things” Today in Honor of Sue

  1. I will spend quality time with a friend.
  2. I will go out of my way to make my child smile.
  3. I will add a bit of beauty to my home.
  4. I will sing and dance.
  5. I will cook for someone I love.
  6. I will do something to spoil myself.
  7. I will call someone who needs me.
  8. I will do something healthy for my body.
  9. I will toast the memory of Sue with a fine bottle of wine.
  10. I will do these things every year on this day.

To Sue. To us. To life.

If you have your own list, please share it here. The real potential of memory doesn’t lie in the past, but in its ability to influence the future.

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5 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. Thank you Angela for all of your “from the heart” writing. It certainly has make this day and last few weeks easier for me. Memories of Sue have just been bouncing around in my head today. I do so miss her.

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