Phone a Friend

Today’s post comes to us from Barb Brook, the artist I mentioned in my November 30 Days challenge. Like Martha, Barb is another one of Sue’s “Golden Girl” friends, five fabulous women who spent 25 years supporting each other and traveling the world.

Barb’s recollections lead me to ask myself, “What one thing will I do today to bring a bit of joy into my life or someone else’s?”

As a matter of fact, I like that idea so much, that in the spirit of the 10 things I’m going to do every December 2, I’m going to start doing one “Sue thing” every Wednesday.

Everyone could use a spare moment dedicated to happiness, especially in the middle of a busy week. So I ask, what one thing will you do today?

From Barb:

All who knew Sue, as a close friend or just a casual acquaintance, received the gift of her zest for life—not just her life, but everyone’s around her.

December 2 was a sad day for all of us. A year without Sue in our lives is a like a lifetime of no chocolate. Even for those of us that don’t even crave chocolate, life would still be more boring without it.

I so looked forward to hearing her say, ”Hey, girlfriend!” when she would call me. She always had time to talk, no matter what else was going on in her life.

That was Sue’s gift, and it’s such an easy gift to give:  a call, a laugh, an e-mail, a smile, a handwritten note of encouragement, a “stop by,” an extra batch of soup, a book you enjoyed, a cup of coffee.

Take time today to give the gift of your acknowledgment and time.

Phone a friend.

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12 thoughts on “Phone a Friend

  1. And a special thanks to my husband for his “one thing” this morning: He got up with Szaba and made her breakfast, so I could sleep in. What a difference it made in my outlook for the whole day! Thanks, Ryan.

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