Holiday Tradition

Tomorrow we’re honoring a holiday tradition started by Sue. She always took her grandkids to the theater this time of year, so we’re doing that for Szaba as well, just as Sue would’ve done.

Sue’s mom Shirley even got Szaba a poofy dress for the occasion. I thought you might be amused by our attempts to photograph her in it.

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We’re going to see A Year With Frog and Toad. It was a holiday favorite of Sue and her grandkids, and it just so happens to be showing at the Seattle Children’s Theater this year. According to the description on the theater’s Web site:

Eternally optimistic Frog [and] friends plant flowers, swim, enjoy Christmas Eve, and celebrate the little things in life. Ordinary events become delightful.

Yep, that sounds like Sue.

What holiday traditions do your kids have with or in honor of their grandparents?

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Tradition

  1. My tradition is to bake Christmas cookies. I have recipes that go way back, and often, especially when I was still in Mankato, would take a huge box of homemade cookies to Sue. By the time she was finished decorating all those trees in the house, she had little time left for baking. She always made me feel that my goodies were the best anywhere. Well, I know that’s not necessarily true, but you know, that was Sue. Next week, I plan to take a box down to Mankato. Thanks for the pictures. I love them!
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit that I found myself tearing up (in the middle of such a lighthearted show!) when I heard these lyrics from the song “Seeds”:

    I will be watching
    Every minute
    Every hour
    Till you grow up to be a flower.
    Don’t be afraid, go on and grow.

    How Sue would’ve LOVED to see Szaba at that show. The girl was nearly falling out of her seat with joy and anticipation. That’s exactly the same way Sue would’ve been with everything little thing Szaba did, I’m sure.

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