Drink! To Your Health!

At a wine bar with Sue and her friend Gail. Sue definitely would’ve approved of this study.

Have you heard? Non-drinkers have the highest mortality rate. So if you want to live longer: drink.

Having 1-3 drinks a day is optimal, according to the paper in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, but even heavy drinkers were shown to outlive the abstainers.

They theorize it might have to do with the calming and social nature of drinking.

Science has long touted the medical benefits of my beverage of choice: red wine. In addition to heart health, it’s been known to decrease the risk for certain forms of cancers, too.

So … Drink! To your health!

(Sue would SO approve.)

Know of any good, fairly unknown vintners? I highly recommend two tiny operations out of Woodinville, WA: Guardian and Obelisco.

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