Some of us like the gym. Some don’t. Some of us have time for the gym. Some don’t.

I’m a double “don’t.”

But it turns we don’t even really need a gym. A few doctors have recently claimed the best thing you can do for your health is simply walking half an hour every day.

I can do that. As a matter of fact, thanks to my dog, I already do.

Oncologist David B. Agus recently discussed this on  The Daily Show and CBS This Morning.

Agus’s new book, The End of Illness, also includes some interesting ideas about vitamins, high heels, and aspirin.

I was particularly intrigued by his thoughts on changing the way we talk about diseases, like cancer. “Stop thinking about disease as something the body ‘gets’ or ‘has,'” he says. “Think of it as something the body does.”

You can learn more about it Dr. Agus’s clues to your health (like finger length and ankle hair?) in this ABC article.

Also, if you haven’t seen this Dr. Mike Evans video on the importance of simply walking half an hour a day, check it out. (If nothing else, watch it for the clever graphics alone.)

So today, I’m not going to skimp on Pavlov’s evening dog walk. Just 30 minutes of walking. I can do that. And it’s setting a good example for Szaba, too.

Have you read Agus’s book? What did you think? What other small everyday things are you doing for your health?

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