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The Power of No

14 Jan

NOIn her TED Talk “Dare to Disagree,” Margaret Heffernan speaks to the power of “no” and the people who aren’t afraid to tell us that.

I know all about this kind of person. I’m married to one. He’s honest with me and challenges my ideas, even when it’s not what I want to hear. And I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I’ve thought:

Couldn’t you please just agree with me and think that everything I say and do is perfectly … perfect?

But he can’t—and shouldn’t! The ability to recognize that, but more importantly to act on it, is a kind of love, too. As a matter of fact, it may even be a love that’s more beneficial (just as it can be more aggravating). As Margaret states:

When we create conflict, we enable ourselves and the people around us to do our very best thinking.

Brian Sharp over at Made of Metaphors wrote a business management post about this, and although the same sentiment holds true, he’s not afraid to be more harsh:

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Body Language

4 Jan

Illustration by Architecture, Food & One Little Beautiful Girl, Flickr Creative Commons

We all know our body language affects how others perceive us. But did you know it affects how you perceive yourself? It also directly impacts your probability of professional and personal success.

As Amy Cuddy explains in the TED Talk below: Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.

I mentioned her talk in my lessons from 2012, but it made such an impact on me, it warrants its own post. This video is well worth watching, especially for women. I’ll never sit through a meeting the same again.

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New Year, New Hope (Video)

28 Dec


This year, as with any year, we all had our ups and downs, some higher and lower than others. To remember one is to reverently honor the other. The good and bad arriveand depart—hand in hand.

“Should we continue to look upwards?” Victor Hugo asked. “Is the light we can see in the sky one of those which will presently be extinguished? The ideal is terrifying to behold… brilliant but threatened on all sides by the dark forces that surround it: nevertheless, no more in danger than a star in the jaws of the clouds.”

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5 Lessons from Rudolph

23 Nov


Ruldoph Clarice

Any time is a good time of year to remind ourselves of these 5 lessons from Rudolph:

1. Never underestimate hope.

“There’s always tomorrow for dreams to come true.”

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The Making of a Mural

16 Nov
Invisible Creature South Lake Union Mural

“Keys to the City” Mural by Invisible Creature, South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

I found this video about the process of making of a mural absolutely fascinating (see below). I never cease to be amazed at the lengths people will go to for the sake of projecting beauty and creativity from the inside out.

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Dia de Los Muertos

2 Nov

I usually do a funny, frivolous post on Fridays, but with Dia de Los Meurtos culminating today, I’m inclined to do something a little different, if that’s alright with you.

As I wrote last year, fall and the holidays have a particularly poignant shade for many of us who grieve.

I use “grieve” in the present tense, for contrary to early thoughts on the subject, there is no finish line in grief, but rather a new appreciation for life with that grief in tow.

Thus I remind you (and myself):

  • Talk about the loved one you miss, for your sake and your kids‘.
  • Show your kids it’s okay to feel sad and happy.
  • And most of all, appreciate moments now, as you’re living them.

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Good Nightmares

15 Oct

They confuse you, stick with you, and all-around freak you out.

They’re nightmares.

And when you become a parent, you’ll have to witness (horrified) as a tiny bit of your child’s innocence is shed while he or she privately takes them on in the night.

Last week my two year old had her first one. Make that three in one night.

Her petrified sobs shot me straight out of bed and to her side. With a little shushing, patting, and cooing, I quickly ushered her back to sleep, only to return to my bed and shed a few tears of my own.

The idea of my happy, worry-free “baby” having to fight some dark thing inside her head—totally without my help or even comprehension—was heartbreaking to me.

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