Card Making

14 Feb

Yesterday a friend posted a story about a older gentleman diligently searching for the perfect Valentine for his wife in the greeting cards aisle. Sadly, the card he picked was too expensive at check out, and he left empty handed.

I was so moved by this story that it inspired me to share this idea I tried with my toddler this year. It’s not a particularly unique idea, I’ll admit, but who knows? Maybe it could help that next someone walking away from a thoughtful intention.

Whether you’re low on funds; looking for a last-minute idea (that’s still meaningful); or simply searching for something fun, cheap, and easy idea to occupy your toddler, this is for you.

We made our cards for Valentine’s Day (for ourselves, grandparents, and the babysitter), but you could make them for anything really: just because, the holidays, birthday cards, thank you’s, etc.

I had my toddler do the paint “print” for the background. Then I cut her painted paper into the shapes I wanted, printed some digital pictures on my little home office printer, and paste them on. Nothing fancy. I had some extra card stock on hand to use as a border, but you wouldn’t need that. They were plenty pretty without.

And that was it. Simple, beautiful, meaningful, and they’ll never let you down at the cash register.

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