Play Kitchen

Your toddler doesn’t need an expensive play kitchen to “play kitchen.”

Yesterday, I had Szaba play sous chef while I chopped food for a slow cooker dinner. I gave her a cutting board (just like mine), a veggie brush, and a plastic knife.

Then I took pieces of the softer veggies I was cutting (like mushrooms, bok choy leaves, and skinned red pepper) and let her clean and chop them.

She even made a game out of artfully stacking her veggie pieces into colorful arrangements, much to my delight and amusement.

Sue always loved cooking and taught Ryan to love it when he was a boy. I hope special times spent together like these will foster a similar love of food in my daughter. We all have to eat after all. Might as well learn how to do so healthily and, better yet, enjoy it!

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