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7 May

Yes, I was raised Catholic, but that doesn’t have anything to do with this.

It’s a realization I had when I read a stirring essay by April Perry. (Thank you, April, for writing it.)

And here is that realization:

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Meaning of Dreams

23 Apr

Oh, to write again! Today I’ll be pouring words onto the page and trying to organize them in some meaningful sense for me and for you. In the meantime, I wrote this (rather eerie now) piece last week, before the shock of Shirley’s death, and I feel I must share it now.

The holiday apparently stirred up my subconscious more than I realized. It’s been awhile since I’ve dreamed of Sue. Until the other night.

It’s led me on a scavenger hunt down weird corridors of the Internet, searching for viable scientific information behind the meaning of dreams.

In this recent dream, Ryan and I were enjoying some relaxing one-on-one time with Sue. She had cancer and was resting, but we were confident that, with a little R&R, she’d be back on her feet again soon.

To my shock and horror, the doctor called and informed me that I had to tell Sue she was going to die within a few days. Could she have been talking about Shirley instead?

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28 Mar

Now that I have a toddler, the word “share” seems to leave my lips about 20 times a day.

I’m not sure the kiddo gets it yet, but my subconscious certainly seems to be listening.

Obviously, the ways we share as parents are varied and many:

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Play Kitchen

6 Mar

Your toddler doesn’t need an expensive play kitchen to “play kitchen.”

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Paradise and Poetry

23 Jan

Last week I took a pilgrimage to the island of St. John. I went to find a part of Sue, leave a part of Sue, and gain direction in life after Sue. I went to find paradise. It gave me poetry.

Turns out the island’s namesake was able to put my journey into words much better than I. Granted, I am not a religious person, but I am a spiritual person and therefore I was quite moved when, thanks to this trip, I discovered St. John’s poetic musings on love, loss, and wanderings of the soul.

Where have You hidden Yourself,

And abandoned me in my groaning …

You have fled like the *hart,

Having wounded me.

[Coincidentally, we stayed on Hart Bay. I looked it up. Turns out “hart” is an old-fashion word for a stag dear.]

I ran after You, crying; but You were gone …

In search of my Love

I will go over mountains and strands …

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16 Jan

“A journey to a place which is considered special and which you visit to show your respect.”—Cambridge Dictionaries Online

And thus my husband, daughter, and I embark on a pilgrimage to the island of St. John.

Obviously, it’s gorgeous. But why is it so special to us?

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It’s a Beautiful Life

6 Jan

Welcome to another day in your beautiful life.

Here’s a funny (and rather odd) video of one of Sue’s favorite songs to send you on your way.

**Spoiler alert: spot the sweet ’90s mullet!**

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