Walk in the Park

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

It’s all too easy for us, as adults, to forget that every little thing is a source of discovery and wonder for a toddler.

Even something as simple as a walk in the park can be as interesting and fun as an expensive trip to a local museum or a fee-based play space.

You don’t even need a fancy park with a big playground and all that. Any patch of grass, preferably with a tree, will do.

Then let them run! Let them explore!

Take the money you would’ve spent on admission somewhere and put it toward a surprise card for a friend or a small token of appreciation for a mentor … or even a glass of wine for yourself—you deserve it!

Szaba marvels at the size of the tree trunks and the bumpy feel of their bark.
Lest there be an doubt as to her amusement, just look at that face.
While picking her millionth daisy, she finds a squirmy worm to add to her bouquet.

If you have a dog, bring her along, too. Then you can check that daily dog walk off of your to-do list, while rewarding your furry friend for all the health benefits she provides for you and your family. Win. Win.

And remember: Sometimes a toddler’s perspective can be just the filter we need to see the world anew. Enjoy the view …

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3 thoughts on “Walk in the Park

  1. I am pleased to report that the sense of curiousity and desire to explore still has not gone away in my almost-5-year-old. She can be sort of demanding and particular at times, but get her out in a park or a meadow or in our yard and she will spend long stretches of time picking flowers and exploring trees, making up adventures that she may or may not let me in on. I hear people grouse that kids don’t know how to play anymore, but I think all they need is for parents to give them the opportunity and they’ll do the rest.

  2. Love this post! I have friends who think for an activity they have to spend $ or go somewhere. I think both my girls have the most fun when I take them to the walking trail by our house. They love looking at the different rocks, trees, bugs and whatever else they can find.
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