Word Art

Last month I offer several fun ideas for Poetry Month. But words can be much more than a carefully crafted phrase, poem, script, or story. They can be visual art as well.

Here are 3 easy “Word Art” projects for execs, parents, bloggers, teachers, kids, crafters, photographers, and anyone else I’m forgetting.

1. The “Wordle”

I discovered www.Wordle.net the other day and quickly became addicted.

  • Bloggers: Simply paste a link to your site, and Wordle.net will create a Wordle for you, sizing words according to frequency. Quite enlightening.
  • Business Types: You might be creating a lot more message “static” than you think. Plug in your text and see what you get. It could help you pair down that site or presentation to what you really want to say.
  • Scrapbookers: Type in words or phrases that remind you of the person or place you’re featuring. I had fun creating this Wordle from words my daughter was saying at the 20-month mark.

2. Word Pointillism

I stumbled upon this Shel Silverstein-inspired kids art project the other day and fell in love. You draw a picture using the words for each object.

As soon as Szaba can write, you can bet we’ll be doing this. Art plus words? Nothing could be more up my alley. For an older child, it might be fun to take a family photo and “trace” it with the names of each person.

3. Letter Landscapes

This can make a meaningful art piece for your home or business. Think of a word you want to feature. (Let’s choose a short and easy one like “home.”) Then go out and find the letters of that word in nature and the forms of everyday objects around you, like this:

For ideas (or to go the fast and easy route), DivineWordArt.com can do much of the creative work for you.

  • Photographers: You don’t need me to tell you how much fun this could be.
  • Parents and Care Givers: Both you and the kids will enjoy this, and you’ll have something frame-worthy when you’re done. (Maybe even a gift? Mother’s Day is right around the corner … )
  • Business owners: Wouldn’t it be cool to have an art piece like this in your store, office, or cafe, highlighting a word that’s especially meaningful?
  • Social media types: If you’re struggling with an image for your Facebook or Google+ banner, why not try something creative like this to get your message across?

Do any of you have Word Art ideas to add? Send them, and I’ll add them!

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