Living Art

If I won the lottery (which would be pretty difficult, since I don’t play it), I would commission a house that’s a living art piece. As in, a piece of art you live in.

Stick with me here. There is a point that pertains to you.

I’ve been fascinated by the artistic potential of architecture ever since I fell in love with Antoni Gaudí’s work in Barcelona. Casa Batlló is my favorite. In addition to being art, it’s also an architectural homage to a piece of literature: Jules Verne’s 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

And then the other day, among the info-litter of the Internet, I discovered this:

It’s a musical wall that uses a series of pipes and funnels to take something gloomy (rain) and harness it into something beautiful (music)!

May it inspire all of us to remember to think outside of the box today. Even the practical can be a source of art, whether it be your house, the rain, or some everyday task. All we have to do is see the magic patiently waiting behind the façade.

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