Cookie Decorating

Somewhat by accident, I recently re-discovered the pleasures of cookie decorating.

Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

I was going to visit my sister and her family and came up with the idea for a host gift. (Yes, I still do those. Here are some ideas.)

I thought this would be something my 7-year-old niece would enjoy, but I was surprised when even my husband and brother-in-law were right in the mix, hogging the colored icing.

The dads kicked the creativity up a notch. And the competition of said creativity.

Cookie decorating is cheap, fun, easy, and something everyone can enjoy together. Not much else meet all that criteria. (Sledding? Play dough? Squirt gun fights?) Plus, you’re left with yummy pieces of art when you’re done.

My niece makes a delicious SpongeBob.

Still not convinced? File these ideas away. You’ll thank me one day.

  • Hostess gift: Get a gift bag and throw in cookie mix (or some un-iced, store-bought cookies), frosting, color icing tubes, and various sprinkles.
  • Party theme: Have your guests decorate cookies. Then send their masterpiece home as the favors. Works for birthday parties, showers, or merely an excuse to get together with your girlfriends and drink wine.
  • Rainy day: There are days when the hours stretch out endlessly before a parent tasked with entertaining bored kids. This will take care of that quite nicely. Don’t want all those cookies around after? Have a corner bake sale or surprise your favorite volunteer organization with a plate of “thank you” treats.
  • Personalized gift: For teachers, make a cookie face for each kid in class. For the sports nut, stick to a team theme. For the spelling bee champ, put a letter on each, so they can build words. For your Valentine, make candy heart messages. Your creativity’s the limit.
  • Family gathering: Have a Cookie Off! Award prizes for Most Creative, Most Realistic, Most Decadent, Silliest, Most Representative of Another Family Member, Most Likely to Cause a Family Feud, etc.

Have more ideas to add? I’d love to hear them! Just post them in the comments below.

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