Kid Swap!

Today’s activity is just for you, parents.

Kid swap!

No, I’m not proposing trading in your tantrum-addled toddler for your friends’ uber-responsible tween. How do they get her to wake up before them, water the plants, and practice her piano all before school? Seriously, there’s got to be some mind control going on there … 

I’m simply saying: You take a night off, have your friend watch your kid, and vice versa. Or for you stay-at-home parents, watch one of your friend’s kids for a morning or afternoon, and have them return the favor another day that week.

Watching two kids really doesn’t take that much more effort than watching one. They tend to entertain each other, and if you’re already preparing a meal or packing for the park, you just need to double up on a few supplies.

And if you get (and give) some recharging adult time in the process? All the better for everyone.

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