Fortune Cookie

In today’s post, I predict your future! (Dons sparkly hat and crystal ball.)

Last week I found this in a fortune cookie:

Since then, I’ve kept it on my nightstand, waiting for my special moment to show up. I even had one in mind.

And then it didn’t happen. And I was disappointed.

Until it dawned on me: It’s ridiculous to pine for some figment of my imagination that didn’t happen when I have hundreds ofΒ realΒ special moments every day:

  • When my daughter brings books to my bed and reads to me in the morning. (I call it our “reverse bedtime” routine.)
  • When my husband makes an eye-roll-worthy joke.
  • When Szaba surprises me with some new phrase, assumption, or silliness.
  • When I sing my special made-up Mom Song, on request.
  • When a friend randomly messages me something funny or sweet.
  • When I take my dog for our daily walk, my half hour of reflection.
  • When I write something that almost seems to come from outside of me.
  • When I notice the quality of light at a certain time of day, the texture of the clouds, or the play of colors reflected on the lake.
  • When a colleague or neighbor greets me with genuine joy and interest.
  • When my daughter hugs me full-throttle at the end of a long day.

And the list goes on, as I’m sure yours does, too.

So how about this: Let’s not sit around waiting for fortunes that could’ve, would’ve, or should’ve been. We’ll live in the moment. We’ll appreciate what we have. We’ll make our own happiness.

With that said, I have a fortune for you:


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