Dia de Los Muertos

I usually do a funny, frivolous post on Fridays, but with Dia de Los Meurtos culminating today, I’m inclined to do something a little different, if that’s alright with you.

As I wrote last year, fall and the holidays have a particularly poignant shade for many of us who grieve.

I use “grieve” in the present tense, for contrary to early thoughts on the subject, there is no finish line in grief, but rather a new appreciation for life with that grief in tow.

Thus I remind you (and myself):

  • Talk about the loved one you miss, for your sake and your kids‘.
  • Show your kids it’s okay to feel sad and happy.
  • And most of all, appreciate moments now, as you’re living them.

“What is a moment?” This video does a startling good job at capturing the idea. (Don’t be dissuaded by the rather depressing screen capture. It’s actually a lovely, joyful piece.)

I started this blog as a way to positively channel my grief. I don’t talk about that much any more. That’s the nature of people and life: We evolve. But loving and losing Sue (and now Shirley) continue to be my guiding compass. As sad as it makes me at times, it’s also making me a better, more fulfilled mom and woman.

If you’re missing someone this fall, what helps you during the holidays? Maybe some of these old posts can help. I wish you peace and purpose in your journey.

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