Holiday Gift Ideas

26 Nov
Shirley Sue Holiday

Shirley got Szaba this holiday dress for Sue. This year, I’ll get her one for Sue and Shirley.

There’s no getting around it. The holidays are in full effect, and that means it’s gift time. Most people dread it, but you really don’t have to. What if, instead of throwing money at the problem this year, we put our hearts into it?

Included below are a slew of ideas to get your brain churning, many of them inexpensive and easy.

For even more ideas, swing by my Creative Gifts board on Pinterest.

  • Simply call a friend to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  • Better yet, take them out for dinner or drinks.
  • Give the gift of an experience.
  • Start a box to commemorate a special person in their past.
  • Recognize a mentor with a special note, outing, or trinket.
  • Start an annual tradition with your child of going out to dinner, a museum, the symphony, the zoo, or a play.
  • Hand craft your own cards. (The kids can help, too!)
  • Create a piece of personalized word art. Then print and frame it.
  • Have your family matriarch or patriarch write a “Words of Wisdom” letter for the family.
  • Give one (or a whole stack!) of these shelf-worthy children’s books.
  • Have fun decorating cookies for teachers, neighbors, family, and friends.
  • Make and give a cherished family dish, or give everyone the recipe packaged with a few nonperishable ingredients. If you have a picture of the person you associate it with, you could frame it and give that, too!
  • Put your mismatched socks to adorable use as these gifts for hosts, pets, and kids.
  • If you know a kid who’ll be flying somewhere, make them a travel bag or wallet for the plane.
  • Create a meaningful piece of wall art from an invite, trip, or news clipping.
  • Inspire everyone from entrepreneurs to artists with the thought-provoking book Start With Why.
  • Create a DIY felt mobile for a newborn or mom-to-be.
  • You can never go wrong with LEGOs. Even adults would be surprised and delighted.
  • Personalize a picture frame and include a special photo.
  • Create a free Haiku deck to commemorate a year, a love, or an experience you’ve shared.
  • Give that inspiring someone Bruce Lee’s equally inspiring book of letters.
  • Watch each other’s kids, so you and a friend can take a day or afternoon to treat yourself. You deserve it!

Enjoy the gift of giving this year. Aren’t we honored to have such special people in our lives to give gifts to?

What was your favorite gift of all time?

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