2 True: Life Lessons from Toddlers

P1257586Looking past all the tantrums and nose picking, toddlers have a Yoda-like way of bringing us back to basics. I’m often reminded of that with my 2 year old. But last week, when I had an extra toddler in tow, their “force” was all the more pronounced.

From home to work to school, the following life lessons hold true, whether you’re 2 or 32:


This is the best way to get to know each other, learn, explore, and engender camaraderie. Plus, it’s fun, and we can all make more time for that.


Even if you’re the one giving, you’ll still receive in appreciation and gratitude.

Respect others.

You don’t like to be hit, pushed, or yelled at, and guess what? No one else does either. Act the way you want others to act toward you.

Speak up for yourself.

If you don’t like how you or your things are being treated, make that clear. You can do it in a nice way, but don’t expect people to guess what’s important to you. Tell them.

Carve out me time.

As fun as play and cooperation can be, me time is just as essential. Everyone will be happier together if we can all be happier apart.

P1277826Regroup with a creative endeavor.

Second to play, art can be a great uniter. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or MoMA-worthy either. You can collaborate on a gift for someone, paint a room, go to a play together, or make your own holiday.

Get out.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to boost your attitude and get a fresh perspective on yourself and others.

Double the pleasure. Double the fun.

It takes two to tango … and to high five … and to see saw. Figure out the things you can’t do alone. Then find someone to do them with. Chances are, you’ll be even more motivated to do the other things on this list if you have something fun that you’re working toward, with someone you like to do things with.

What has your toddler retaught you?

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