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Self Publishing Logistics

23 Mar

Please note that the following info is particular to print books. I’ll get to ebooks in a future post, I promise.

publish write author

So, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus doing it yourself, and you’ve decided to self publish.

Now what?

Decide which kind of self publishing you want to do.

That’s right. There’s more than one kind.
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Rejection: A Love Story

9 Jan

Jia JiangAt age 30, with a great education, a decent job, a loving wife, and a first child on the way, Jia Jiang realized he never chased his dreams because he always chose security over rejection.

He saw himself dying with regrets and told his wife so. Despite being pregnant (when most people would choose security over personal pursuits), his wife encouraged him to take six months to do his own thing.

Four days before his baby was born, he quit his job and put all of his energy into starting his own business. He received many rejections, which he took with a grain of salt. Then a big potential large investment fell through two months before his deadline, which made him question everything. Continue reading

Get Things Done

5 Sep
Photo adapted from "Spring" by Katie Brady, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo adapted from “Spring” by Katie Brady, Flickr CC

What is it about the change of the calendar to fall that makes us itch to get things done? Maybe it goes back to our gather-and-hibernate instinct…

Regardless, I happened upon this TED Talk video yesterday, and it’s an excellent follow up to my post about stress-free productivity last week.

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Work Better

29 Aug

CrashTestDummyAs we approach Labor Day, I’d like to make this public service announcement:

You don’t have to work harder to work better.

If I read that before I started my freelance business, I would’ve thought, “Yeah, right.”

But five years of being my own boss has taught me many surprising things about true productivity, all of which have nothing to do with stress and cashing in valuable personal time for more work time.

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Why Blog?

20 May

Work Desk

“Why don’t you blog about it?” That was a common joke between my husband and me, long before my friend Geraldine (a.k.a. The Everywhereist) encouraged me to embark on this endeavor.

I thought back then (and often still do), that many blogs take themselves too seriously. Let’s face it: blogging is not exemplary journalism, literary excellence, or even (for most of us) our profession.

So, why blog?

It’s a valid question, and certainly one I scrutinized before jumping in. But I have to admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results of this 1.5-year experiment, and that’s why I keep doing it.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s the point?”—or even considered trying it yourself—here are some benefits for three groups in particular.

Geraldine Pipe

And this would be The Everywhereist. Don’t let her fool you. She’s a smart cookie and a crazy-talented writer.

1. Writers

When was the last time you had regular, devoted time to write, when the topic was of your choosing, and you had an audience to hold you accountable? College maybe. Even then, I’m going to bet you wrote what you had to and not what you wanted to.

The writing practice alone is worth it. Writing talent is not something that “comes to you” like an image of the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast. Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

8 Apr
My daughter's name, Szaba, is from Szabo, a Hungarian surname on my dad's side.

My daughter’s name, Szaba, is from Szabo, a Hungarian surname on my dad’s side.

Names. They’re one of the first big decisions you have to make as a parent.

They’re also a big decision in business.

So, what’s in a name? In essence, it’s an inkling of who you are or what you offer. Same holds true of your business name, product name, or even your title.

What does yours say about you?


Is that was you want it to say? You know what they say about first impressions, right? They matter.

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So You Think You Can Freelance? Part 4: Q&A

4 Mar

In Part 1, we discussed the mindset. In Part 2, we explored the ground work, and in Part 3 we talked money.

Now let’s get down to specifics. Here are some questions I received from others taking the plunge. Both new and experienced freelancers (and their clients) should find good info in here. So let’s dig in …

Photo courtesy of Scott McLeod, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Scott McLeod, Flickr Creative Commons

Wishy-Washy About Payment

Q: A client approached me about a project, but ducked my questions about payment. What should I do?

A: It’s okay to gather details about the project without talking numbers. Certainly don’t let that stage drag on, and never confirm your participation or sign anything until that is a part of the discussion. Work, by definition, pays. This is your livelihood. Good clients will understand and respect that.

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