Pavlov the Dog

DogQuoteFive years ago, I booked a round-trip, red-eye ticket to Oklahoma City to pick up someone I met online.



Okay, technically we didn’t “meet” online, but I saw her description and photo on Petfinder and knew I had to. It said she was a sweet, outgoing Bernese-Collie pup rescued from a puppy mill with about 50 other dogs. She had no place to go.

So what, she was Oklahoma City? That wasn’t going to stop me.

A woman from the shelter brought her to the airport, and a half hour after landing, we flew back. Two flights and a long night later, this is us the moment we arrived home …

Five years later, she’s …

Our reason to get outside and walk twice a day, every day, rain or shine. (Who am I kidding? It’s Seattle, so mostly rain.)


Our daughter’s patient playmate.


Our very own welcoming committee.


My first dog and, I can’t help but suspect, my best dog.


If you’re in the market for a pup—for companionship, fun, your health, or all of the above—please consider adopting from a shelter.

Petfinder makes it easy to find the perfect match. You can indicate breed, sex, temperament, roomies (kids, cats, dogs, etc.), and how far you’re willing to look (which might be farther than you’d suspect, once you see that perfect little face).

Party Pavlov

And in case you’re wondering, why the name Pavlov? It’s like a secret handshake. Some people “get it,” and it makes them smile. It’s fun to make people smile. And Pavlov is very good at that.

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4 thoughts on “Pavlov the Dog

  1. Pavlov is beautiful and that last photo at Christmas is adorable! We have adopted/rescued two dogs now from the APL and they are the best dogs ever! I just found your blog today and also just subscribed too! I’ve got some catching up to do now, don’t I?! Anyhow, I was hoping you could help us out and pass the word that we helping the APL collect donations for their annual fundraiser called Pledge For Pets. This is our third year participating in this event as it is a great cause. If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation (in any amount), here is the link: Also, check out our blog when you get the chance too: We love when we find new friends! Hugs to you!

    1. Nice to virtually meet you. I will certainly pass along word of your fundraiser. It’s for an excellent cause, and kudos to you for getting the word out. I think you’d like this post, too, about all the health benefits of owning dogs: HAPPY MONDAY! And thanks again for the kind “like” and comment.

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