Memorial Day Project, Take 2

Sue Angela Cancer WalkI want to know the stories of that special someone you’ve lost.

Too many times, we’re encouraged not to talk about such things. But those people are still a part of us. And what better time to remember them and their life stories than Memorial Day? Share with me. Share with us.

Last May, I did this Memory Day project, and it was so appreciated, I’m doing it again.

In the comments section below, write the name (first only is fine) and a memory or two you’d like to share. Even just a phrase or sentence is fine, though stories are welcome, too. You can also e-mail me a picture to include, if you’d like: mycastleheart @

For example, here’s one I did for my grandparents last year:

Martha and Philip Groves
Sent a family of seven to Catholic school on a railroad engineer’s salary.
Had regular square-dancing date nights.

I’ll include all the replies (from this year and last) in a special Memorial Day post, written by all of us for those we remember and continue to love.

Please note: If you want yours included in time for the Memorial Day post, please reply by May 28, 2013. That said, if you get it to me late, I’ll still make sure to include it, but it might not be up at publication.

I and the Castle Heart community look forward to hearing the stories of your special someone(s).


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