Souvenir ShoppingNow that vacation season is in full swing, what kind of souvenirs do you buy on a trip? Do you wander the trinket shops, aimlessly looking for something that strikes your fancy (grumbling husband in tow)?

What if souvenirs could be part of the adventure of your vacation, like a quest for a specific piece of treasure?

Wouldn’t that make the object that much more special when you see it in your home? Because that’s the point of souvenirs, right? To see them in your home and bring you back a memory of a certain time and place. Do you really want that memory to be your agitated husband in a chintzy trinket shop?

Research the place you’re going and find something the area is known for. Then embark on your shopping excursion with that specific type of item in mind.

Here have been some of my favorites. Hopefully they’ll help inspire your next vacation quest. Happy Souveniring!

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3 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. Considering my affinity for trinkets, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love vacation souvenirs. When I was younger, choosing the perfect trip memory was always a big deal to me…so much so that I think I often spent more time at the gift shop than the actual attraction .

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