Breast Cancer Awareness

Minnesota 3 Day Supporters 2011I hate breast cancer. Granted, most would say they don’t like it, but let me be clear: I LOATHE it.

I hate what it does to people. I hate what it does to the people who love those people. I hate that it’s taken so many lives not yet fully lived. But most of all, I hate that it hasn’t been cured—so it will go on hurting and taking more lives.

This data sheet shows all of the startling stats.

My first tangible (and seemingly unfightable) villain was breast cancer. It took my grandmother when she was only in her forties. I was seven and vividly remember how quickly it stole her vibrancy, her energy, her hair, her breasts, and mere months later, her life.

Sue Angela Cancer WalkUndoubtedly that adds fire to my anger over Sue’s death. Unlike my grandmother, Sue was able to live nine full, happy years after her original diagnosis. Her goal was always to stay one step ahead of the cancer and, for a while, that worked. But eventually, the treatments just couldn’t keep up.

The point is, yes, we are making advancements all the time. And, yes, that’s wonderful. But it’s not enough. We need to end this disease in our lifetime, whether for ourselves, our kids, our mothers, our partners, our sisters, or our friends.

Time can’t stop it. But I wholeheartedly believe that money, research, commitment, and fierce determination (and maybe even a little anger) can.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please consider donating to the cause at If you’re feeling especially fired up to fight back, the site also has info about hosting an event to help provide mammogram funds for women in need.

And, ladies, please PLEASE check out the following posts from my recent mammogram scare. Knowledge is power against this disease. The more you know, the better:

One in eight women will battle this villain. This heart-wrenching collection of photos and this video are what a year of that fight can look like.

Your life—or your sister’s, daughter’s, or mom’s—is worth taking up the fight early, passionately, and knowledgeably.

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