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3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Fight Breast Cancer

20 Oct

Minnesota 3 Day Supporters 2011Did you know that one in eight women will battle breast cancer?

I’d venture to say that every person reading this has had their life touched by it. I’ve lost a grandma to it, a mother-in-law, and this year, nearly a friend.

Isn’t it time we took down this killer for good?

Your life—or your sister’s, daughter’s, friend’s, or mom’s—depends on it.

Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to fight breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

24 Oct

Minnesota 3 Day Supporters 2011I hate breast cancer. Granted, most would say they don’t like it, but let me be clear: I LOATHE it.

I hate what it does to people. I hate what it does to the people who love those people. I hate that it’s taken so many lives not yet fully lived. But most of all, I hate that it hasn’t been cured—so it will go on hurting and taking more lives.

This data sheet shows all of the startling stats.

My first tangible (and seemingly unfightable) villain was breast cancer. It took my grandmother when she was only in her forties. I was seven and vividly remember Continue reading


2 Jan

3087550776_c82e1b99a3_mWe talk a lot about what we did and what happened to us at the close of a year. But what about what we’ve learned?

As I step into 2013, I take with me the lessons I gleaned from 2012.

Included below is my personal list of 12 for ’12. But I’m curious: How would you complete it?

And if you’re open to it, please share. I’d love to learn from you, too.

Top 12 of 2012: Lessons I’ve Learned

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Mammogram, Take 3

27 Nov

Well, I’m headed off for another follow-up mammogram this morning. The timing would be almost laughable, if it weren’t so emotionally straining.

“Uncomfortable,” I’ve heard mammograms called. Physically: no. Emotionally: certainly.

If you have one coming up or are putting it off due to fear (emotional or physical), please read what I learned from my first and callback mammograms. Hopefully it will help make room for a little courage, understanding, and perhaps even some humor.

Wish me luck.

Have I mentioned I hate pink?

Follow up: All’s well that ends well. The doctor gave me the all clear. Best gift of the season!

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Mammogram Results

27 Feb

Let’s say you’re waiting for your mammogram results, and you get a callback. What next?

First, stay calm.

I got the dreaded callback, too.

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10 Things I Learned About Mammograms

9 Jan

Over the course of my life, the way I’ve thought about my boobs has changed.

When I was a kid, I thought of them as weird. (Barbie didn’t have nipples, so why did I?) When I was a teen, I thought of them as useful. When I was in my 20s, I thought of them as fun. When I became I mom, I thought them as useful again, but in a new way.

And now that I’m over 35, I think of them as … kind of scary. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still useful and fun and weird. I just don’t want to sacrifice my life for them. Unfortunately,  each year 40,000 women do, and that’s in the U.S. alone.

Which is why I just had my first “dreaded mammogram” this weekend. And, you know what? It wasn’t dreadful at all. Here’s what I learned, and what you should know, too.

Read the follow-up to this article: if you get a call-back (like I did).

10 Things I Learned From My First Mammogram

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