Road Construction

RoadConstruction_SmallNo, not the ear-splitting, orange-flashing, rage-inducing kind of road construction.

Roads made out of construction paper, silly.

This kids’ activity is quick, cheap, and fun … plus you cover a bunch of great early learning basics.

(See “The 4 Pillars of Play” for more info.)

Road Construction

Here’s how and what kids learn:

  • Kinesthetic: Cut equal-width pieces of various lengths and shapes.
  • Interpersonal: Discuss and make your family’s favorite spots.
  • Spatial: Arrange the pieces whatever way you choose.
  • Intrapersonal: Add toy cars and small dolls or animals to act out your own pretend scenarios.
  • Linguistic: Share a story about one of the toys and all of the places it has to go that day.
  • Logical-Mathematical: Try to make one loop using as many of the road pieces as possible.

Then, just store it in a file folder for a rainy day. It makes a great (and easily packable) travel toy, too.

Happy trails,

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