Old School vs. New School

HackSchooling_ObstacleCourseWould you be brave enough to try this “new school” idea with your kids? When you were a kid, do you think you would’ve been driven and interested enough to stick with it yourself?

When it comes to education, what would you say are the pros and cons of old school vs. new school, or as this boy calls it “hackschooling”?


He certainly brings up great points to ponder, not the least of which is…

“How come, when we’re asked what we want to be in life, the answer least expected is: HAPPY?”

The practical mom in me wonders if college recruiters would weigh this type of education equally. The wanderlust dreamer in me wonders if this a good solution to the increasing pressure on parents to not take kids out of school for travel experiences. (Travel is essential to education in my humble opinion.)

Side Rant: My niece’s Texas school had the police call her parents when she exceeded her max absentee days—despite the fact that those same parents had informed the school they were in the process of moving, and it couldn’t be avoided. I’m told that some parents get around the Texas schools’ strict truancy rules by pulling kids completely out of the school system before a big vacation and re-enrolling them after. Crazy!

Anyway, watch the video. I’m curious what you think…

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