Interesting Person Fund

Source: Janel Piersma
Source: Janel Piersma

I recently came across an idea-packed article on creativity rituals, which included everything from naps to bar brainstorming to frequent vacations (yes yes and yes!).

They also mentioned something called an “interesting people fund,” the idea of which was taken from an interview with entrepreneur and author Ben Casnocha:

By pre-committing time and money to meeting interesting people, you increase the likelihood that you’ll actually do it… Take an hour out of your day or spend $40 buying someone lunch…. Relationships—be they romantic, friendship, or professional–take time to develop.

Okay, Ben. I’m going to one-up you on that. What if instead of (or better yet, in addition to) investing in meeting other interesting people, you used that time, energy, and money to invest in making yourself more interesting?

An interesting person fund, versus an interesting people fund, if you will.

I’d argue that such measures would spur even more creative brainstorming on your own part… and perhaps even make others want to invest more time in you.


  • Try boxing
  • Learn glass blowing
  • Take a cooking class
  • Enroll in a circus workshop
  • Visit someplace new (whether near or far)
  • Go to an art museum or community art walk
  • Participate in a poetry slam
  • Check out a random concert or play
  • Sign up for a course that intrigues you
  • Volunteer
  • Eat a kind of food you’ve never had before
  • Read a book on an unfamiliar topic
  • Play a new game with friends
  • Learn a new skill at a home improvement workshop

Alright, I’ll stop there because this list could go on forever, but you get the point.

So, what are you waiting for? Be creative! Be inspired! Be interesting!

And most of all: HAVE FUN!

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