To-Do To Done

Home To Do SuppliesThere has never been a home owner who has said,

“Now everything here is done… forever!”

There have been and are and always will be more projects to tackle. Come to think of it, same goes for parenting…

But at least with the home projects, I’ve found a solution that (dare I say it?) is genius.

Here are 10 easy steps for taking that house list from to-do to DONE:

  1. Plan a weekend getaway. See? Genius. Stay with me here…
  2. Make a list of critical items, doable (for a professional) in 1-3 days.
  3. Using blue painters tape, tack up notes for each problem issue, detailing the steps and supplies required for each.
  4. Call a trusted handyman and arrange a walkthrough of the tasks you’ve tagged.
  5. Give him or her a spare set of keys, to come back and do the work on the weekend you’re gone.
  6. Gather all required supplies and place them somewhere noticeable.
  7. Leave and relax.
  8. Return and pay the man (or woman).
  9. Bask in the wonder of your productivity!
  10. Start making your next list and repeat process as necessary.

Didn’t I tell you it was genius? And with that, I’m off to enjoy the relaxing and basking parts…

P.S. Husbands generally love this plan, too.

Tips for translating this to other life “projects”:

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