Free Seattle: Tulip Festival

Tulip FestivalYou know that saying, “Stop and smell the roses”?

Well, in Seattle it’s more like, “Stop and see the tulips.”

Because Seattle is crazy about spring. We are outdoors people, and being cooped up inside for four months is quite enough, thank you very much.

That’s why in April, we blissfully exit our rain caves to pilgrimage north to the sunshine technicolor of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.


  • Free
  • Postcard picturesque
  • A cheap, impressive daytrip for out-of-town friends and family

What to Do:

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures!
  • The official route of the festival is a flat few square miles, perfect for adults or older kids to bike. You can rent bikes in town or save and bring your own.
  • Pick out a few favorite bulbs to plant in your own garden when you get home! Nearly every farm has some for sale, and you’ll get some gorgeous varieties you won’t find elsewhere.

Know Before You Go:

  • Week days are better, if you can swing it. It gets pretty crowded on weekends.
  • Try to go after a couple of dry days have passed. You’re going to be walking in dirt fields, which can get pretty muddy and unmanageable after a long stretch of rain.
  • Leave your stroller at home. Bumpy, muddy fields will make it too hard to maneuver. Bring a ride-along pack for the kids or better yet, deck the whole family in rain boots for a day of squishy-squashy fun.

Tulip Festival Szaba

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