Maternity Leave

Pregnant 38 WeeksThis baby is officially due Wednesdayif I haven’t had it already. You see, you’re reading this today, but I’m writing it a week early… just in case.

I wanted to let you to know that I’m going away for a little while, at least digitally.

You’ll still see the occasional updates from me on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, of course, but the blog is going to

respectfully take a step back a bit while I take care of my real babies and my book “babies.”

Let’s call it my maternity leave. (Such are the perks of being your own boss.)

When I had Szaba nearly four years ago, this blog wasn’t even a thought in my head. It came about after my mother-in-law Sue’s death, as a way of working through my grief. It also charted the path of my dream to write children’s books in honor of Sue and Szaba.

My impending baby break will give me some time to focus on the latest developments of that dream, in addition to the latest developments of life with a newborn plus toddler.

Szaba Seattle Space Needle

If you check back in the next few weeks, you’ll find the occasion new wrap-up of some of the 300+ posts I’ve written over the past few years. My hope is that these category pages will help make content easier to findfor you and new readers alikewhile perhaps bubbling up some fun stuff you may have missed.

Then, later in the summer, I’ll start peppering in new content as time allows.

As always, feel free to let me know what you like, don’t like, or want to see more of. I sincerely appreciate hearing from you and can’t begin express how much your readership has meant to me these past few years.

I have no intention of losing my connection with you or this invaluable outlet. You definitely have not heard the last of me…

Love and naps (oh, please, let there be naps),



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