Make Your Own Day

Szaba Seattle Space Needle

Any big plans for Father’s Day?

I’m going to be honest… My Mother’s Day wasn’t very good this year.

The four year old seemed rather on a mission to make my life miserable. I didn’t take it personally. Toddlers have those days.

It’s tough figuring out the world and your place in it.

Sometimes even we adults have issues with that. Now imagine doing so without reference or control of your emotions.

Trying not to take it personally, I gave her space and let Dad take the reins.

The next morning, something unexpected happened. I awoke to her standing by my bed with a picture for me. She had woken up early to draw it and deliver it to my bedside.

“Maybe today can be your day, Mom?” she asked hopefully.

I scooped her into a hug and wholeheartedly agreed.

Life doesn’t go as planned. But sometimes that opens the door for moments even more wonderful.

Make your own day.

It’s as easy as opening your arms.

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