A Special October Throwback Thursday


Szaba Angela Pumpkin Patch 2012In the interest of Throwback Thursday, I dug up a few October oldies but goodies: no-sew wigs, creative costume ideas, and even the world’s best made-up holiday (though I may be biased… since I made it up).

Wishing you all a fun, creative, thoughtful October.

Felt Sew Halloween CostumeNo-Sew Costume Wig

All you need is felt, yarn, and glue. Okay, and maybe an hour of your time. But, hey, you can do it while watching your favorite thriller, right?

Here’s how.

Clever Girl Costumes

Ready to step away from pre-made costume rack? Creating your own can be half the fun. These easy costumes are scarily cute and clever.

A New Fall Tradition

From the number of pumpkin latte posts I’ve seen on Facebook lately, it’s pretty obvious I’m not the only pumpkin fan. But are you ready to kick it up a notch? Will you take the ultimate pumpkin challenge?

Institute your own Pumpkin Day.

Shirley and Sue on one of our inaugural Pumpkin Days.
Shirley and Sue on Pumpkin Day ’06. How I wish they could’ve celebrated one with their grandkids.

A Nod to the Difficult Part of Fall

As much as I adore this season, the holidays bring up a lot of challenging emotions for many of us. It’s a time of memories, traditions, and retrospection, which irritates old grief wounds. If you’re struggling, talk to someone. I hope some of these resources will help, too.

♥ Angela

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