Missing Somebody Today?

Home QuoteOh, how I love encountering quotes scribbled on coffee shop walls. Call it coincidence, fate, morphic resonance, or pure egotistical naiveté, but they always seem to be speaking directly to me.

Case in point, this quote:

It’s a mystery of human chemistry, and I don’t understand it. Some people, as far as their senses are concerned, just feel like home. ~Nick Hornby

I suppose the reason I started this publishing journey could be boiled down to that. Sue felt like home, and when she died, it left a big empty room. I had to fill that room with something. I had to fill it with something of hers, to help rebuild my home again.

The Denim Jungle was Sue’s dream. Now that it’s a reality, her indomitable joy, wonder, and ability to connect are still “out there” in world—not just in my life and my family’s, but also in all of my readers’ lives, too.

My home (and heart) floweth over.

Leaves Frame

If you’re missing somebody today, try reaching through the grief to embrace their memory. Treasure the qualities they left behind inside of you. Love them not for what they could’ve been, but for what they were. Honor them. And if you can, find a way to share them.

I miss you so, and I’ll miss you ’til I’m old…
‘Cause it’s my heart that you helped to build.
And your love is my compass still.

~”In Your Arms” by Chef Special


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