Story Time: Kindness

Surprise! I have another story time for you. This one is about something really important in these challenging times: KINDNESS.

Whether you need some kindness today or you know someone who could use a smile, these two books offer ideas of little ways you can make a big difference. Included below the video are some follow-up ideas to try, too.

Who knows? Your kindness and imagination could snowball into something magical.

Follow-up activities:

1. Do something kind for someone!

2. Write or draw a list of things that would make you happy if you were feeling sad. Then share your ideas with your mom or dad.

3. Write a true or imaginary story about kindness coming to the rescue.

4. Write a letter to someone who makes a difference in your community with their kind heart.

5. Draw a picture of your ultimate happy place, like Virginia and her sister did.

3 thoughts on “Story Time: Kindness

  1. I have 16 grandchildren ranging in age from 10 to 30. Each day during this trying time, I have been writing a letter to one of them. I have been pleasantly surprised by the responses telling me how they enjoyed getting a letter. Letter-writing just doesn’t happen very often in today’s communication world.

    1. I love this, Jill! I’ve been writing more old-school letters, too. There’s an extra level of care and connection about it that seems particularly needed (and appreciated!) in this time of physical distancing.

  2. Angela, it was so great to see you, and listen to your storytelling!  Sue would be so so proud!  During this strange and difficult time, I pray your family is doing well and stays healthy.  A hug to Ryan. And the children.   I don’t do Facebook,  but once in awhile,  I get a picture from Judy.  Dennis and I are spending a lot of time at our lake home. It’s very secluded, and we feel relaxed here.   Take care, and congrats on your continued success!Love and hugs.Martha Sent via the Samsung Galaxy A6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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