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Inspiring Minds: Homaro Cantu

13 Feb

Homaro CantuMy first introduction to Homaro Cantu was via the Discovery Channel’s “Future Food” TV series on Planet Green.

That’s also when I first learned about the miracle berry and its ability to temporarily fool your taste buds into thinking sour and bitter foods taste sweet.

My friend Geraldine wrote about her miracle taste adventure over on the Everywhereist.com. (You may have seen me pop up over there from time to time.)

Sure, all this talk of “taste tripping” is fun and all, but what really impressed me about Homaro was his hopes for the fruit’s potential for helping people battling obesity, diabetes, cancer, and even poverty.
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Best Friends

3 Dec

Two years ago a lot of people lost their rock, friend, confidant, and biggest cheerleader. One of those people was Mae.

Sue and Mae were best friends for more than 40 years.

Best Friend

Mae wrote a piece about her friendship with Sue, and it gives me comfort to post it on this two-year anniversary. Mae was with us that longest night. She was also the one we called when we couldn’t be at Shirley’s side in her last moments. Mae was always there when we needed her most—when Sue and Shirley needed her most.

On a personal note: When I needed an extra set of arms to comfort my baby girl while I comforted Sue, Ryan, friends, family, and even myself, she was there for me, too. I’ll never forget that, Mae. Thank you.

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3 Days With Shirley

27 Aug

Shirley, overcome with appreciation at the 3 Day.

Last year at this time, I was cheering alongside Sue’s family and friends at the Minneapolis-St. Paul 3 Day for the Cure.

Standing by my side: Szaba (well, she was crawling actually), my hilarious nephew Aaron, my sweet niece Ali, and Sue’s phenomenal mother, Shirley.

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Friendship Is Golden

5 Nov

It is with great excitement and appreciation that I welcome my first guest post!

The following entry is from Sue’s dear friend Martha, who has become my dear friend as well. Martha e-mailed me the following note about the blog, and I was so touched that I had to share it with all of you (with her kind permission, of course).

Martha’s contribution here gives me new faith in the promise of my book: helping people gather memories about a lost loved one. Each of our recollections paint one little portion of the full, beautiful portrait of a life. Only by sharing our stories can we come close to assembling the essence of a person—not only for those who never knew them, but for ourselves as well.

Thank you, Martha!

From Martha:

Sue and I knew each other since the ’70s. I can hardly believe so much time has passed, and it’s like nothing ever changed between the two of us.

One of the first things I remember clearly is painting the inside of the duplex she owned … purple! We had a blast—and then had wine. We never did much without a glass of wine.

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3 Day

29 Aug

When Sue told me about her involvement in the 3 Day years ago, I was proud of her, but I didn’t truly “get it.”

Now I do.

After attending the Twin Cities 3 Day and cheering on its walkers every day, it was almost as if Sue’s soul was there, cheering along beside me, and saying, “Now do you see?”

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That first day of the walk, I held Szaba, standing alongside a wooded path, accompanied by Sue’s 91-year-old mother and adoring coworkers. In the distance, rounding the bend, they walked toward me. Each one was shouldering this considerable challenge (not just the 60-mile walk, but the necessary fundraising as well) in honor of a heartbreak. There aren’t words to convey the emotion of that realization.

The love, the loss, the untold stories hung in the air like balloons tethered to every walker and every spectator.

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18 Aug

Sue’s triumphant finish

Tomorrow Sue’s son (my husband), her step-daughters, and her best friends will follow Sue’s footprints. They are walking in the Twin Cities 60-mile 3 Day for the Cure. In doing so, they not only honor her memory, but they have also brought us $18,000 closer to fighting Sue’s killer, breast cancer.

Sue was a 9-year breast cancer survivor before it made its way into her liver 4 years ago, advancing from worrisome to terminal. But she didn’t spend those last years focusing on the possibility of death. As a matter of fact, it made her all the more determined to stay positive and focus on life. She had a lot of faith in the continual developments of cancer research, and her plan was simply to stay one step ahead of the cancer.

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