3 Days With Shirley

Shirley, overcome with appreciation at the 3 Day.

Last year at this time, I was cheering alongside Sue’s family and friends at the Minneapolis-St. Paul 3 Day for the Cure.

Standing by my side: Szaba (well, she was crawling actually), my hilarious nephew Aaron, my sweet niece Ali, and Sue’s phenomenal mother, Shirley.

We lost Shirley this spring, but I will always treasure those days with her as one of my greatest gifts. I learned so much about her and her incredible 91-year-old life. I saw how she mothered Szaba. I heard her untold stories of her beloved best friend and daughter (my mother-in-law), Sue. We discussed the great mysteries—love, destiny, life, death, hope—through the lens that only a century of experience can provide.

My 3-Day cheer crew, back at “headquarters.”

In honor of Shirley, please take a moment to chat with someone you’d like to get to know better today. I guarantee, you won’t regret it tomorrow.

And if you want to leaf through the pages of our 3-Day journey:

  • Footprints: Sue’s legacy and how she fought (and some might say even beat) her own cancer.
  • 3 Day: The photo story of last year’s walk in honor of Sue.
  • The Book Walk: How the 3 Day led me to this blog and book project.

I will forever adore and miss you, Shirley. But what you taught me those three days remains right here (holds hands on heart).

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