I’m Listening

Since I do live in Seattle, that gives me the right to co-optΒ Frasier’s “I’m listening” catch phrase, right? For those of you who’ve been following this blog for awhile (thanks!) as well as you newbies (welcome!), I’d love to hear from you. This has been my basic format so far:

Treasure Hunt

Here’s a cheap and easy treasure hunt activity to help entertain your tot. Just put some bird seed, rice, or sand in a plastic container with a lid, for easy storage. Throw in small cups, pretty stones, orphaned figurines, shells, or whatever else you may have on hand (that’s not a choking hazard, of course). … More Treasure Hunt

Card Making

Yesterday a friend posted a story about a older gentleman diligently searching for the perfect Valentine for his wife in the greeting cards aisle. Sadly, the card he picked was too expensive at check out, and he left empty handed. I was so moved by this story that it inspired me to share this idea … More Card Making