Free Seattle: Farmers’ Markets

Seattlites loves farmers’ markets almost as much as we hate umbrellas. You’ll find a local market in practically every neighborhood, as you’ll see from the list below (which conveniently includes days and times). If I forgot one of your faves, please let me know. I’ll be sure to add it. So get out there. Wander. Sample. … More Free Seattle: Farmers’ Markets

Free Seattle: Green Lake

Sure, I’m partial to Green Lake because it’s my neighborhood. But from the hordes of park-goers I see here every weekend, I can safely say it’s one of Seattle’s most popular destinations for both families and active, outdoorsy types. Perks: Free Flat, smooth path (bike, skateboard, roller skate, and handicap friendly) Several restroom facilities Lots … More Free Seattle: Green Lake

Top 3: Board Games for People Who Don’t Play Board Games

Would you rather watch a movie than play a game together? That might be the fault of the games you’ve played. Think outside of the Candy Land and Monopoly box. Here are my top 3 board games for people who don’t play board games (which hopefully will change after you give these a try). 1. Settlers of … More Top 3: Board Games for People Who Don’t Play Board Games