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11 Nov

Pumpkin LaughterWhen was the last time you laughed like this?

Head back, smile wide open, eyes pinched with happiness, not caring who saw you—scratch that—WANTING people to see you and see your joy. Continue reading


2 Jan

3087550776_c82e1b99a3_mWe talk a lot about what we did and what happened to us at the close of a year. But what about what we’ve learned?

As I step into 2013, I take with me the lessons I gleaned from 2012.

Included below is my personal list of 12 for ’12. But I’m curious: How would you complete it?

And if you’re open to it, please share. I’d love to learn from you, too.

Top 12 of 2012: Lessons I’ve Learned

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Laughter: Quiz and Video

19 Oct

Angela Szaba Happy RideCome on, just that title alone should make you laugh. It’s pretty ridiculous.

But actually, I do have a laughter quiz and video for you. And the video make you laugh, 65% guaranteed.

Why 65%?

Because seeing other people laugh reflexively makes us laugh, like yawning. Research shows it’s triggered by a neural circuit in the brain.

Then why not 100%?

Because it’s scientifically proven that people laugh much more (up to 30X as much) around other people. Essentially, it’s a human communication mechanism, a rudimentary vocabulary programmed in our “lizard” brain.

So maybe grab a friend before you watch the video. Or do your own before-and-after study and see if you get the same results.

BUT FIRST! A pop quiz on laughter. (Answers below the video.)

  1. How many times does the average adult laugh per day?
  2. Who laughs more: men or women?
  3. What was the first TV show to use canned laughter?
  4. Does laughter make you live longer?
  5. True or False: There has never been a recorded outbreak of contagious laughter.

And now for the promised reward …

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